Investment in machinery for the manufacture of the ATLAS therapeutic chair – P4L

Mizarstvo Andrej Rajšp is a small family-run business that has been operating successfully for more than 30 years. Their main activity is the production of furniture systems, including preliminary measurements, drawing up plans, design, and subsequent delivery and installation. We specialize in general joinery work, especially for interior furniture.

Mizarstvo Rajšp has been awarded a contract to manufacture part of a product developed by IBITAH d.o.o. in collaboration with partners. The Atlas therapeutic chair is a novelty on the market. As part of the P4L project “Development of an integral physiotherapy model for the prevention and treatment of impairments resulting from sedentary lifestyles”, a product that does not yet exist on the market was developed. The project itself focuses on active and healthy aging in the elderly population.

As part of the project, the company invested in the purchase of new machinery for the production of the therapeutic chair: a 5-axis milling machine, a format saw, a shredder, a milling machine, and a contact grinder. For the company, the implementation of the operation means improving the technological equipment and working conditions for the launch of a new product, where precision manufacturing is key to the desired quality. The new machinery enables the new product to be manufactured and has speeded up the production processes.

By carrying out the activities under the operation, the company is pursuing its objectives – to produce a new and high-quality product that stands out from the products developed so far in terms of quality and usability. The investment has modernized and increased production capacity and, together with the existing equipment, ensured continuous development and better economics in the production of the products. It aims to increase the value added per employee through new products with higher added value, increased demand for such products, and a faster production cycle.

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