Project Management Made Differently

We are recognized as valuable partner facilitating the path from an idea to its realization. We are experts in the field of project management and acquiring funding sources, and we have the most references in obtaining grants; Slovenian, European and international.

You will receive full support in developing your projects, in connecting with relevant partners and staff who will have a positive impact on your projects, as well as in the operation of your entire organization. The changes will be gradual, but with our help, you will find it easier to achieve your organization’s strategic goals. Together we will grow in the desired direction and make your goals a reality.


setting up a cooperation strategy → a common vision → a strong desire for development and success

gradual steps → no ad hoc decisions → no major failures

close cooperation between the contractor and the client → an equal partnership

network of links → strategic partnerships

the contractor must have an excellent insight into the operation of the client and vice versa → synchronization and synergies

the contractor offers quick identification of appropriate ideas / in-depth risk assessment

high level of transparency and trust


In cooperation with external partners, we also offer: