ECO office drawer – P4L

HI-PO, d.o.o. manufactures, designs, and develops furniture systems for working and living spaces. They have been on the market for more than 30 years and are renowned for producing quality products. They are more focused on office furniture, the product range of which is the result of the development of their professional team, which follows modern guidelines from an ergonomic, functional, and aesthetic point of view.
The project investment has brought to life a modular piece of furniture that is the result of in-house development. It is made of walnut and oak wood. The eco-drawer, which is designed for both office and home use, is made of 100 % solid wood With this product, the company is counting on selling primarily to end users, customers, and companies that are environmentally conscious and put themselves, their employees, or their entire team first.

The company has purchased new machinery, namely: a CNC machine with 5-axis machining for the production of an eco-office drawer with high final quality. The machine enables the processing of larger pieces, automated functions without manual operations, internal integration and communication with other processes and a shorter production cycle, and a body press for pressing the workpiece over the entire surface, which is particularly important for the final quality of solid wood products.
The investment has modernized the company’s technological equipment, which means modernizing production and increasing the processing capacity needed with the introduction of a new product. The modernization and increase in processing capacity are expected to help the company maintain its short-term market position and, in the long term, strengthen its position in existing markets and penetrate new markets.

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