Traditonal Crafting – JR-CzK-2022

Maja Jenko’s idea was submitted to the call “Promoting Creative Cultural Industries – Centre for Creativity 2022”, which recognized the potential of creating a platform for a large segment of traditional craft lovers and intercultural tourism, which has been overlooked in this aspect until now.

The subject of the application was thus an online platform for building a community of traditional craftspeople, providing interested buyers with information and knowledge that is otherwise difficult to access, as it is more typical of remote rural areas. It is a platform that benefits all those involved, both buyers and providers and promotes skills related to cultural heritage through digital channels.

The project relates to the theme of cultural heritage and also touches on the field of cultural tourism. It focuses on user interaction with cultural heritage content in terms of exchanges between craftspeople and people who want to get to know a particular segment of cultural heritage. The following activities were carried out in the framework of the project: programming and design of the platform, graphic design of the website, design, and production of promotional printed materials, and filming of a promotional video.

The implementation and promotion of the platform improve the process of knowledge exchange in the field of cultural heritage, intergenerational learning, project cooperation, and mutual relations in the sphere of traditional crafts and cultural heritage, thus building closer intergenerational, intercultural, and business relations, resulting in a higher level of satisfaction among all participants.

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